Business to business relationships are at their heart, human to human relationships




“I’m a diminutive disruptor because I’m tiny so people either underestimate me or don’t notice me, but I can have a large impact. I’m also a recovering lawyer turned radio broadcaster and business advisor focusing on work- life. My purpose is to help organisations and individuals be more human at work.

Because I was part of the system as a lawyer, I had to learn how to tap into my humanness. I ended up getting really sick after pushing myself too hard at work and in training for an Olympic distance triathlon. I did a 12-week program of meditation and mindfulness and came out the other side with the ability to be much more focused and present, which enabled me to better connect with other humans.

Because of technological advancements, the skills that are now most important are the ones that are most human – empathy, curiosity, creativity – the things that set us apart from artificial intelligence. Business to business relationships are at their heart, human to human relationships.

By connecting our heads with our hearts, we can not only be more effective at work but also bring our whole selves to work. Traditionally when we go to work, we put on a front – a projection of confidence that disconnects us from other people. This causes stress and anxiety because it’s not real and we’re unable to build trust. It also leads to anxiety, depression, and burnout.

I want to help people be happier and healthier through working with them to build empathy, address their fear of being vulnerable, develop greater self-awareness and focus on connection. If you can do these things at work, there is a flow-on effect at home and in relationships. The stories of change I hear from the companies I work with are so profound they sometimes bring me to tears.

A more ambitious Australia is one in which we work together with focused attention to try and tackle the most pressing problems with an open heart, open mind, and an open will.

s p a c e is an opportunity to get outside your bubble. Last year, there was a lot of diversity but also such connection and similarity. Maybe we were brought together because we are all outliers or mavericks in our own industry. Whatever the case, I felt like I found my tribe. I felt at home. And I felt safe to be courageous and challenge. I can’t wait to go back.”