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The Digital Workforce:

Many businesses are being challenged by the convergence of technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and the internet of things (IoT).  In The Digital Workforce, Jarrod shares a 5 step framework that you can implement in your business to enable people related benefits from digitisation.

Jarrod McGrath is passionate about maximising the value of people both inside and outside the organisation.  Jarrod is Founder and CEO of Smart WFM, a digital transformation consultancy.


Unite The Book:

Unusual times call for exceptional leadership

Unusual times call for exceptional leadership, where our task is to replace fear and overwhelm with hope and action.

Unite is your gateway to the wisdom shared during the extraordinary VID19 conference. Over 19 days, 172 leading thinkers and experts from around the world generously shared their best ideas. This book brings together thirteen of those courageous messages.

Positive, powerful and practical, the insights shared in Unite are a beacon to help you navigate the way ahead.

Julia Steel


Don’t Pandemic:

Don’t Pandemic is a collaborative art book that tells stories about covid-19 from all around the world. United Make have teamed up with some of the best artists and designers globally to create a beautiful art book that is both visually informative and fun during a time
where we could all do with a little pick me up. All the proceeds raised go directly back to the artists that have contributed to the book. 

Mond Qu - in collaboration with @unitedmake (a collective of 50 artists, writers, designers, photographers, doctors and architects worldwide)


Timmy the Ticked-off Pony:

and the poo of excitement

Timmy is rude. He's lazy. He's ALWAYS cranky. And he's also one of the most FAMOUS ponies in all the known world! Until one day when...POO HAPPENS. Surely one little poo of excitement cant ruin Timmys life. Can it? Yes, it can. Find out how in the funniest new series by award-winning comedian and author Magda Szubanski.

Magda Szubanski


Timmy the Ticked-off Pony:

Bite Me

If you thought pooing on everyone was bad, then STICK AROUND! Coz things are about
to get WAAAAAY worse for TIMMY. Now he's the MOST HATED thing in the world, people
hate him more than brussels sprouts and stinky cheese... even more than wedgies! And now he's ON THE RUN!

Magda Szubanski



In this extraordinary memoir, Magda describes her journey of self-discovery from a suburban childhood, haunted by the demons of her father’s espionage activities in wartime Poland and by her secret awareness of her sexuality, to the complex dramas of adulthood and her need to find out the truth about herself and her family. With courage and compassion she addresses her own frailties and fears, and asks the big questions about life, about the shadows we inherit and the gifts we pass on.

Honest, poignant, utterly captivating, Reckoning announces the arrival of a fearless writer and natural storyteller. It will touch the lives of its readers.

Magda Szubanski


The Right-brain Workout:

In The Right-brain Workout, you'll find 70 questions posed by some of Australia's most creative people from the worlds of comedy, art, advertising, music, literature and photography. Questions that will probe, cajole, and challenge you to be more creative, every day.

You'll rediscover the creativity that we all have inside of us when we were kids. Or you'll enhance your already creative mind.

Plus, you'll uncover weekly Right-brain Tips- simple things that you can do to stimulate your brain.

It's the fun and energising exercise regime for your brain that you didn't know you were looking for. And it just might help unlock the creative genius inside of you.

Russel Howcroft & Alex Wadelton


Everyday Creative:

A Dangerous Guide To Making Magic At Work

We all have a dysfunctional relationship with creativity. We love it, value it and want more of it but just can’t seem to find the time or resources to give to it. And despite desperate calls for more innovative thinking, the systems and processes that hold most businesses
together don’t allow or enable anything like it.

This book is for anyone who feels like they have more to give but struggles to get it out. Packed full of powerful, practical and poetic tools, this inspiring and infectious read will help you cut through the barriers that prevent creativity at work while giving you the clarity and confidence to unleash your wild, untamed self-expression into every pocket of your
personal and professional life.

In the emerging economic climate, creativity isn't just the strongest driver of your competitive advantage, it's the foundations of a meaningful, adaptive & fulfilling career.

Everyday Creative shows you how to make magic with the mundane, find joy in your current job and transform your work into a work of art.

Mykel Dixon


A Repurposed Life:

A Repurposed Life is the story of how Ronni found her voice, her heart and her deepest calling. From her early years growing up under the brutal system of apartheid South Africa, to a socialist commune in Israel, Ronni finally settled in Australia to discover a profound new way of living. Shared with the humour, warmth and energy that have made her an internationally renowned keynote speaker, this heartfelt exploration of the choices that define us will speak to anyone seeking a more passionate expression of being alive.

Ronni Kahn & Jessica Chapnik Kahn


Your Best:

The little book of Life and Body hacks that will change your life (and those of others) for the better

There are a gazillion books of health, wellness and diet. This book distills the mass of information out there into simple yet powerful ways to live a happier, healthier and more purposeful life - one that you can live very deliberately. The Fountain of Youth will be revealed, and it will most likely not what you think. This journey is enhanced by the magic of Rox Martyn’s illustrations sprinkled throughout.


Every day in my role as a health coach and movement specialist I teach all of the principles in this little book to my clients. During this pandemic I have been sharing them with a wider audience and have been asked repeatedly if I have them written down. Yes, but in bits and pieces. The information in this book is the crux of the foundations of what I have evolved over the last four decades working on myself and sharing it others.

I am donating 100% of the profits to Catherine Hamlin's Foundation. Why? Read on and my answer will be obvious. Any moment I can create work that I can donate money to help her work, I will do

Catherine and her husband Reg, both Australian Gynaecologists and Obstetricians, went to Ethiopia in 1959 and were so shocked by the suffering they saw, they never left. What moved them so?

The prevalence of the childbirth injury known as an obstetric fistula. This is where, after giving birth, a woman is left permanently incontinent. A simple operation heals 98% of women with this injury. The average age of the women who get this is twenty-two. Why does out happen? The women are often malnourished and their pelvis’ do not grow large enough to deliver naturally, or other complications require a caesarian delivery. They live many days-walk from the nearest hospital. The baby dies before it can be delivered and the result is a hole in the bladder and sometimes the bowel, creating permanent
urinary, and sometimes bowel, incontinence. The labour can take up to nine days before the women can deliver the child... and it is stillborn. Can imagine this, you have endured the unfathomable trauma of knowing your baby is dead inside you, and then it takes days to deliver. Such pain and suffering. Then you are given a life-sentence of spending the rest of your existence sitting in your own waste as it constantly streams down your leg. You are
shunned by your community, often due to how you smell, and you wait out your
days by yourself in a tiny dwelling. Truly a fate worse than death. Catherine said it is a problem that can be eradicated permanently, but “Probably not in my lifetime.” She died, age 96, on March 18, 2020. She has done amazing, and yes, life-changing work. She is a true saint. If you would like to know more: www.hamlin.org.au

I compel you to see what happened on Oprah in 2004:

Isaac Xavier


Ascent of the Hummingbird:

A collection of poems and prose that will take you on a journey into the depths of your being. It will facilitate a deep-dive into your soul via the labyrinth that is your subconscious.

Each poem has a message. Some are obvious, others will invite you to open a door to exploration. Each poem will give you what you need at that moment, and this will evolve into a greater understanding of yourself and... in time... of humankind.

Isaac’s wish for the reader: That it helps you to truly connect with your inner self, that part that knows and trusts who you are at our core, your true essence. It is my hope that from this place of feeling, that you might connect with your fellow human beings more authentically and with ease.

Isaac Xavier


Summer TABLE:

Winner Best in Australia and runner up Best in the World - Gourmand International Cookbook Awards

A publishing first, Summer TABLE is your guide to making fast, delicious and healthy meals every night of Summer. Accompanied by an award winning App, to make meal planning easy – just scan the recipe in the book to create a shopping list on your phone, with all the items sorted by supermarket sections.

Jodie Blight


Presence to Power:

I AM the Gift

I AM the Gift is a guidebook that offers timeless wisdom for the individual seeking to slow down, gain clarity and experience more calm in their life. The message contained within these pages is that it is possible for anyone, regardless of age or gender, religion or creed, geographical location and monetary means to benefit from these practices. They are simple, easy to use, and effective. By embracing the tools and techniques highlighted throughout the twenty-one chapters the reader has the ability to positively influence their life. As the reader advances through the pages, each chapter builds upon the previous one, and it is through this format that the individual starts reaping the benefits. Self-help instruction is there in the form of meditation, journaling, relaxation techniques, breath awareness, and embracing nature to name a few. This guidebook is the teacher, the helping hand that is there beside you to guide you and remind you of Presence to Power. It is a timeless companion that can be read over and over again with new insights gained each time it is read. Ideal for the student, the athlete, the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the CEO, the lawyer, the accountant, the best friend… Presence to Power: I AM the Gift is a blueprint for anyone who is looking to find ways to relax, reconnect and empower their lives.

Tami Roos, PhD


Here It Is:

Coaching, Leadership and Life

Paul Roos is a leader, a legend, an AFL icon who transcends the game itself. As a first-rate player, a premiership-winning coach and an in-demand commentator, Roos has achieved extraordinary success on and off the field over more than thirty years in footy.

In this candid book, Roos not only reveals his 25 coaching tips but also, for the first time, shares his original premiership blueprint with its foundation of positivity and unity.

Paul Roos


Equal Justice:

My Journey as a Woman, a Soldier and a Muslim

As the daughter of an Indian Muslim father and a white Australian mother, growing up in the conservative environment of 1970s Perth, Rabia Siddique was always going to be marked as different. Escaping her traumatic childhood, Rabia moved to London after graduating from law school to pursue her passionate commitment to social justice. She joined the British Army as a military lawyer just days after 9/11, finally finding herself stationed in
Southern Iraq, where she pushed herself to make a difference in one of the most dangerous and testing environments on earth.

On 19 September 2005, Rabia and another soldier were taken hostage by Islamic insurgents as they tried to negotiate the release of two kidnapped British SAS operatives. She battled for hours to save their lives, using her legal expertise, knowledge of Islam and Arabic to negotiate with their captors as a violent mob tried to storm the compound where she was being held. After their release, her colleague received a Military Cross, while Rabia received nothing. Her subsequent sex and race discrimination case against the British Army made headlines around the world.

Her memoir is a story of grit, courage and conviction, born out of a unique perspective.

Rabia Siddique


Death Doesn't Have To Be Morbid:

Life, death and learning to grieve

I’ve always believed that I would die young. I can’t really explain it. It's a deep feeling within that I’ve had from a very young age. I’m the exact age now as my mother was when she died, and this has been a pivotal point for me as I wrestle with my values and beliefs from my past and form new ones that will serve me far better into the future. Some people think I’m morbid talking about death openly like I do. Frankly, I don’t think we talk about it enough.

In Death Doesn’t Have to be Morbid, Michelle Cox shares her experiences about overcoming an enormous amount of death and loss at a young age. She shares intimate details about overcoming gut-wrenching grief and offers her suggestions on how you can better support others around you going through grief, instead of being too afraid to hurt them more by raising the topic.

This is a book about death, dying and grief. It’s about overcoming fears of dying young and how you can use that energy to propel you forward in ways you didn’t realise were possible. It’s also a book about resilience – about overcoming the odds and bad genes and still living
the best life possible.

Michelle J Cox


Doctors Are Not Gods:

taking control of our own health and wellbeing

It's my inherent belief that you are the only person on this earth who knows your body
better than anyone else. Our bodies talk to us all day, every day, and we need to be listening to what they're saying.

This is not a story about badmouthing general practitioners and ridiculing the medical fraternity. It's a centuries-old notion that doctors are healers and near to gods, but they are mere mortals and their expertise is limited. You should be taking control of and responsibility for your own health and wellbeing - pure and simple.

In Doctors are not gods, Michelle Cox shares her very personal experiences of both her mother being medically mistreated and her own case of being misdiagnosed for months before needing emergency surgery for cervical cancer. With an attitude of learning from mistakes, Michelle asks what she herself could have done better in order to be the boss of her own health and wellbeing in future and stop handing over the power of something so important to others.

This book is about creating a working relationship with your medical professionals to ensure you are responsible for your own health, especially in a world where the healthcare landscape is changing so rapidly.

Michelle J Cox


It's OK Not To Have Kids:

we are more than our parental status

There are numerous reasons why people don't have kids and the most common is NOT because they are selfish. In today's society, many of us understand that it's not
appropriate to make comment on another person's weight, ethnicity, religion or sexual persuasion. So why do we still feel it's appropriate to not only comment, but have an often-uneducated opinion on whether a person has a child or not.

In It's okay not to have kids, Michelle Cox shares her experiences about not only surviving cancer and losing the ability to have something she always wanted - children - but then having to navigate societal pressures placed upon her and other people's opinions on how she lives her life.

This is a book about resilience. It's about leading the life that you want and that's right for you. But mostly it's a book about understanding and appreciation for other ways. Everyone's life path is not the same and that's perfectly fine.

Michelle J Cox


The Social Association:

5 key skills not-for-profits need to increase member engagement, generate ROI and create a thriving online community

Are you wanting to attract more members?
Do you struggle to demonstrate the value your association provides?
Are you wondering how to use social media to effectively engage your membership?
The world has changed how it communicates, and social media is becoming increasingly important. While people still do business with people they know, like and trust, today they want to engage with organisations via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels. Social media can help you STAND OUT.

Packed with practical advice and real-world examples, The Social Association will provide you with the skills you need to increase member engagement, generate a return on investment and create a thriving online community.

Learn how to:

  • write a social media strategy

  • identify the right social media channels for your organisation

  • create content that cuts through the clutter

  • use social media to enhance your members’ experience

  • measure the financial return of your social media investment.

    Social media can help you provide a richer member experience. With The Social Association, you can learn how to use social media to attract, engage and retain your membership

Mel Kettle


The Advertising Effect:

how to change behaviour

10 techniques advertisers use to change behaviour

Adam Ferrier and Jen Flemming


Stop Listening To The Customer:

Try hearing your brand instead

How to build brand intelligence and not get distracted by consumer-driven data.

Adam Ferrier and Jen Flemming


Money School:

Become financially independent and reclaim your life

‘Time poor’ is the catch-cry of our era, and yet end-of-life retirement means we have an average of two decades of feeling time rich to look forward to . . . when we’re old. How arse-about is that? But there is an alternative to working your butt off for decades and retiring when you’re worn out: it’s called financial independence, and it means being able to cover life’s essentials and afford the luxuries you want without having to turn up to a job each day. 

Imagine: the freedom and flexibility to work if, when and where you like, spend time with family or start that business you’ve been dreaming of. And with enough time and a way to earn, it’s achievable for most people through the power of passive income. From maximising your income and cutting costs without big sacrifice, to property, shares and
retirement funds, Money School explains exactly how to build a passive income that will completely change your life. Take control of how you spend your time and money to make them work for you – and get on the fast track to being financially independent and time rich.

Lacey Filipich


Customer Empathy:

A radical intervention in customer experience management and design

Customer Empathy is a powerful human resource for positively impacting customer experience excellence. Two-time author Alex Allwood, outlines her customer-centric framework, methods and tools to switch on and scale customer empathy that can be used to solve the common customer experience management problems of low organisational commitment, poor alignment of cross-functional teams, and competing agendas and priorities. Customer empathy helps leaders and employees to see the customer’s world differently. Doubling down on CX practices by switching on customer empathy to create deeper understanding, more meaningful connection, align and unite teams and enrich decision making to benefit customers, employees and the business.

Alex Allwood


Hacking Happy:

How to Intentionally Adapt and Shape the Future You Want

You strive for success. Great! But is it making you happy?

There is no such thing as a perfect plan to achieve more, manage change and find true happiness. Hacking Happiness challenges you to throw out the rulebook and leap into what we fear most — the unknown ...

Author Penny Locaso reveals how to bring happiness back to your life and build a solid foundation on which to innovate and thrive in disruption. Through activities and powerful learning and assessment tools, this essential guidebook will help you find growth, success
and ultimately happiness in an uncertain future.

Hacking Happiness is an opportunity to look at the world through a new lens and see that it’s by surfing on the edges of our comfort zone that we — professionals, leaders, everyone — can intentionally adapt to create a successful and fulfilling future.

Penny Locaso