The more you give

The more you get

Your experience at s p a c e is designed by you. Enter with an open-mind, be prepared to hold a stage, hold a room, or hold a conversation, and lean into the chaos of co-creating the themes and content with your fellow s p a c e cadets. Days designed for accidental conversations blend into evenings filled with unexpected twists and turns, you’ll come to s p a c e with high expectations, and you’ll leave with a new perspective.

Don’t come to s p a c e if you’re looking to learn or network. Come if you’re working towards something that will build a more ambitious Australia. Come to test your radical generosity by sharing your ideas and building genuine relationships with new collaborators you didn’t know you needed to know. The more of yourself you give at s p a c e the more you’ll get out of it.


Disruption rarely comes from within the sector being disrupted.

With every piece of known information at our very fingertips, the information age draws to a close and a new age dawns where facts and figures alone will not foster innovation. Real change will happen at the intersection of analytical and creative thinking.

In the conceptual age, now more than ever, you need to look wider than your typical universe to seek inspiration and learn new ideas. In order to achieve the unlikely, you need unexpected people who’ll challenge your perspective.


Less like-minded, more unlike-minded.

s p a c e brings together an unlikely mix of creatives, corporates, entrepreneurs, academics, psychologists, artists, teachers and beyond from a cross-section of Australian cultures and generations. A diverse group of people like you, but unlike you, coming together to share their perspective on life, work, and the future through unexpected conversations.

From c-suite executives to rising stars everyone at s p a c e is equal and is committed to ensuring every conversation is respectful, engaging, insightful and prompts the cross-pollination of ideas. s p a c e is for people who understand they don’t know everything about everything.