Less Getting

More Giving

What’s an unconference? An unconference is a participant-driven, ideas festival. It’s less one-way, on stage, keynote talks. More conversation, small group, participant-led, workshops allowing all voices be heard. Your experience is designed by you. Enter with an open mind, be prepared to hold a stage, hold a room, or hold a conversation, and lean into the chaos of co-creating the themes and content with your fellow cadets. Days designed for accidental conversations blend into evenings filled with unexpected twists and turns (yes, even as a virtual experience). You’ll join with high expectations and leave with a new perspective.

Don’t join us if you’re looking to learn or network. Join us if you’re working towards something that will build a more ambitious Australia. Come to test your radical generosity by sharing your ideas and building genuine relationships with new collaborators you didn’t know you needed to know.

The more of yourself you give at s p a c e the more you’ll get out of it.

Less like-minded more unlike-minded

Who is this for? Every single Australian, or person passionate about Australia, who wants to play a part in building back a better world. Creatives, corporates, entrepreneurs, academics, psychologists, artists, teachers and beyond from a cross-section of Australian cultures and generations. We need the voices and actions of a diverse group of people like you, and unlike you, coming together to share their perspective on life, work, and the future through unexpected conversations. From c-suite executives to rising stars everyone is equal and is committed to ensuring every conversation is respectful, engaging, insightful, and prompts the cross-pollination of ideas.

s p a c e  is for people who understand they don’t know everything about everything.

Dinner Party 2020


Our plan for s p a c e was, and still is, to be the first to bring back in-person events. With an ethos of celebrating going ‘offline’, the serendipity of connecting face-to-face, and introducing ideas to influence, we could not envision a digital experience that would capture who we are. However, as the days drifted by we recognised we can’t wait forever and needed to start flourishing in the shades of grey this year is throwing us.


We shifted our mindset from waiting for the build-back-better phase of the crisis to kick in. To leading it. We took an idea, and 48 hours later launched Australia’s Biggest Virtual Dinner Party. Partnering with Atlas Masterclass and Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD), all to raise money for Lifeline Australia, we created a perfectly random, kinda-weird, possibly a little tech-glitchy, evening of music, cooking, chat, and human connection.


We send 155 party boxes, brought joy to 307 Australian’s, Raised $5,341 for Lifeline, donated $2,000 to Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD), and paid-it-forward to 18 Victoria Healthcare Workers.


Cook your own dinner and mingle by a virtual fire: what a black-tie charity gala looks like in 2020. Brigid Delaney, Wed 19 Aug 2020, The Guardian.

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