Join 28-31 May 2020 | Byron Bay

building a more ambitious Australia through shared ideas and collaboration

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The more you give, the more you get from  s p a c e.

l e a r n  from up to 20 sessions shared by people from outside your universe

s h a r e  your ideas to influence beyond your industry

d i s c u s s  what keeps you up at night with unlikely people

f o r g e  genuine friendships with new collaborators though shared experiences

f i n d  headspace to think up the next big thing

l e a v e  with a new energy from an unexpected weekend with unlikely people

Be part of future-proofing yourself, your organisation, Australia, and beyond.

Disruption rarely comes from within the industry being disrupted. Therefore, now more than ever, you need to look wider than your typical universe to seek inspiration and learn new ideas. In order to do the unexpected you need to meet unlikely people who challenge your perspective.


Less like-minded people, more unlike-minded

s p a c e  brings together an unlikely mix of creatives, corporates, entrepreneurs, academics, psychologists, artists and beyond from a cross-section of Australian cultures and generations.

A diverse group of people like you, but unlike you coming together to share their perspective on life, business, and the future though unexpected conversations. From c-suite executives to rising stars everyone at  s p a c e  is equal and shares a similar mindset to ensure every conversation is engaging, insightful and prompts the cross-pollination of ideas.  s p a c e  is where you go when you understand that you don’t know everything about everything.

Elements of Byron

Idyllically nestled between the dramatic pacific coast and the sprawling bushlands of the northern coast of New South Wales, Byron Bay perfectly embodies the ethos of the  s p a c e  experience.

Elements of Byron, voted among the 25 coolest hotels in the world by Forbes Magazine, finds an organic harmony between luxury and the natural environment, providing  s p a c e  guests the perfect background to the fully immersive experience.