Ever the optimists, we had hoped swift action would have kept things controlled and minimised the length of the effects to us here in Australia. However, we significantly underestimated the scale of the impact of Covid-19, and realise we need to postpone s p a c e 2020.


With thanks to our friends at Elements of Byron, we holding provisional new dates 11-14 September 2020. Your May registration has been moved to these new dates. If you know now you cannot make these new dates, we will credit your registration to a future  s p a c e  event at 2020 rates.


We are in truly unprecedented times. Be kind to yourselves, your loved ones, and to every stranger you come into contact with (at a safe distance of course). Smile but don't touch. We are all in this together and come spring, we will be entering a new normal and we look forward to facing it as a collective.


Holly, Adam, & Cj - Creators of  s p a c e