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Cj Holden | Experientialist


An experientialist, a corporate disruptor, and a consumer psychologist walk into a bar… The experientialist says, “Let’s create an event.” The corporate disruptor says, “Yes, let’s shake up Australia!” The consumer psychologist says, “And weird. It should be weird.” Just like that, three of the most unlikely people created the most unexpected event in Australia.

Holly Ransom

Holly Ransom

A specialist in disruptive strategy, Holly is renowned for her commentary on intergenerational economic and social issues. A recent Harvard graduate, on Sir Richard Branson’s dream dinner guest list, and personally requested by Barack Obama to moderate his only Australian engagement.

Adam Ferrier

With a passion for inciting insight, Adam is a highly revered creative strategist, consumer psychologist and author. A regular speaker on ‘The Art of Cool’, ‘Batman’, and ‘How to change behaviour’ at conferences worldwide.

CJ Holden

An experientialist at heart, Cj is passionate about building engaged communities through immersive experience. His vision is to build a collective of Australia’s most disruptive leaders all making global impact. A track record of events across the USA, London, Marrakech, Cape Town, and Iceland.

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