Australia’s Biggest Virtual Dinner Party

5 AUGUST 2020

Australia’s Biggest Virtual Dinner Party in support of Lifeline

In Lockdown? Social Distancing getting you down? Finding a newfound love for virtual
connection? Or want to try something weird?

Join Australia’s Biggest Virtual Dinner Party, Friday 14 August, in support of Lifeline.

Safe to say none of us expected this year to pan out as it has. While our 2020 plans have been shredded and Victoria along with much of the world stills grabbles to take control, let’s not lose hope or perspective, and let’s start to flourish in the shades of grey this year is throwing us.

Let’s party! Let’s make connecting virtually cooler. Let’s bring in a little magic. And let’s look at how we can turn shades of grey into silver linings. We’re really pumped to bring you a perfectly random, kinda weird, possibly a little tech-glitchy evening of music, chat, and connections.

The evening will consist of a talk or two from some outstanding Aussies including Craig Reucassel, Magda Szubanski, and Will ‘Eggboy’ Connolly, some music from former Australia’s Got Talent contestants, D Minor and Fletcher Pilon, a live cooking masterclass by Atlas Masterclass chef, Charlie Carrington, and plenty of digital dining rooms to drop in and out of, before leading into a living room rave. All guests will receive a party box in advance which will include everything needed for the evening ahead, including booze and fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients for the masterclass.

Why are we doing this? Because we want to bring some joy to all Australians going through tough times, we want to highlight the exceptional work of Lifeline who have experienced a monumental rise in calls over the past few months, and most importantly, because in defiance of everything 2020 has thrown us, we must finding the joy amongst the uncertainty.

Dinner Guests Include,
Adam Ferrier, Consumer Psychologist | Bruce Shillingsworth, Water Warrior | Charlie Carrington, Chef | Craig Reucassel, Comedian and Waste Warrior | Holly Ransom, Disruption Strategist | Justin Jones, Adventurer | Layne Beachley, World Champion Surfer | Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, Champions for those experienceing homeless | Magda Szubanski, Comedian and Activist | Mikaela Jade, Indigenous Edu-tech Visionary | Paul & Tami Roos, High Performance Coaches | Will Connolly, ‘Eggboy’

Music Line Up by MMAD, the charity that rewrites the lives of at risk young people through the power of music and mentoring. Music provided by young people supported by Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) and charity ambassadors. Featuring: D Minor, Semi Finalist Australia's Got Talent 2019 and Fletcher Pilon, Winner Australia's Got Talent 2016

On Sale to Sunday 9 August

Proceed to Lifeline. With a contribution to Musicians Making a Difference (MMAD).



01 JUNE 2020

Over the past couple of months, life as we know has been turned on its head here in

Our vibrant and bustling cities have been deserted. Our world-famous beaches have
been closed. Flights have been grounded. Schools have been shut. Supermarket
shelves have been stripped of toilet paper and hand sanitiser. And the world
around us has come to a standstill. 

We’ve been collectively grieving our 2020 plans and relying on Netflix marathons,
sanctioned daily walks and failed attempts to bake sourdough. 

As we’ve been forced into pressing pause on our lives, we’ve been reminded of what’s
important and we’ve arguably become more human. Executives are attending
leadership meetings from their lounge rooms. Musicians are baring their souls
from the isolation of their garages. We’re recognising our most under
appreciated industries- healthcare, teaching, hospitality. And we’re
experiencing local, national and global solidarity like never before. 

While we’re not in the clear yet, and while recovery will no doubt be slow for our
economy, we’re pretty bloody lucky to be in Australia right now. As our masks
come off and life as we know it slowly starts to return, what will this
pandemic leave behind? How will the way that we live, work and travel be
transformed forever? And how will an unlikely group of people help Australia to
build back better? 

Instead of asking ourselves what will happen next, let’s ask ourselves, what do we want
to happen next?  

s p a c e seeks to ignite a more ambitious future for our country, and now more than
ever, we have an unprecedented opportunity to start again- to rebuild a more
compassionate, authentic and prosperous country. We’re calling on everyone who
can be generous with their ideas, open to challenging the status quo and
willing to be themselves and not their job to join us! 

The time is now to build back better.  

Let’s go to  s p a c e.



Byron Bay | 27-30 May 2021