Join 28-31 May 2020 | Byron Bay
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Welcome to s p a c e

Welcome to  s p a c e.  A community of disruptive leaders coming together in Byron Bay for three nights to disconnect, collaborate, and create in one of the most inspiring locations on earth.

There are no spectators at  s p a c e,  making the fully immersive experience completely participatory. You may be tasked to take a small patch of perfectly white sand for only a few minutes to share your vision of the future, but your brain and ideas will be active for the full three days. All-inclusive and hosted at one of the world's coolest resorts,  s p a c e  is a fully immersive offline conference designed to give you space and time to stretch your thinking.

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C r e a t o r s



Cj Holden

An experientialist at heart, Cj is passionate about building engaged communities through immersive experience. His vision is to build a collective of Australia’s most disruptive leaders all making a global impact. Cj has created experiences in London, Miami, Marrakech, Cape Town and Iceland – it's now Australia’s turn.


Incite Insight

Adam Ferrier

A slightly mad mad man, Adam is a highly revered creative strategist, consumer psychologist and author. A regular speaker on ‘The Art of Cool’, 'Batman', and ‘How to change behaviour’ at conferences worldwide, Adam is inspired to help co-create an event unlike anything seen in Australia before.


Corporate Disruptor

Holly Ransom

A specialist in disruptive strategy, Holly is so renowned for her commentary on intergenerational economic and social issues she is on Sir Richard Branson's dream dinner guest list and was personally requested by Barack Obama to moderate his only engagement in Australia. Holly is passionate about ensure that  s p a c e  is more 'Do-Tank' than 'Think-Tank'.