s p a c e is building a collective of unlike-minds with a passion for making a more ambitious Australia (and world). Our aim is to gather diverse sets of people to challenge points-of-view and unlock new insights on old perspectives. We’re not here to agree on everything, we’re not here to learn or to network. We’re here to get shit done. To move Australia forward at an exponential rate of change, powered by the most inspiring minds in the country.

There are no spectators and no speakers at s p a c e, making the fully immersive experience completely participatory. s p a c e cadets bring an open mind and a willingness to share what’s on it, ensuring their brain and ideas be active for the full three days. Disconnecting in one of the most inspiring places on earth, immersing in conversations with strangers, agitators and restless activators, and exploring existing ideas in different contexts, s p a c e is an event designed for the conceptual age.

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  • less urban
  • more resort
  • less suits
  • more shorts
  • less indoors
  • more outdoors
  • less contacts
  • more connections
  • less conference
  • more festival


  • be yourself
  • not your job
  • be generous
  • not ambitious
  • be challenging
  • not conforming
  • be open
  • not closed
  • be fearless
  • not cautious


Adam Ferrier

Cj Holden

Holly Ransom

An experientialist, a corporate disruptor, and a consumer psychologist walk into a bar… 

The experientialist says, “Let’s create an event.” 

The corporate disruptor says, “Yes, let's shake up Australia!” 

The consumer psychologist says, “And weird. It should be weird.” 

Just like that, three of the most unlikely people created the most unexpected event in Australia. 

With Adam inspired to co-create an event unlike anything seen here before, Holly's determination to be more 'do-tank' than 'think-tank', and Cj's passion for building engaged communities through immersive experience, the three set off to create an event with a vision to build a more ambitious Australia. Two years in the making,  s p a c e  2019 formed a collective of 220 unlikely people from all over Australia and inspired some very unexpected collaborations. The momentum has propelled  s p a c e  into a second year and encouraged us to double-down on brining unlikely people together to have unexpected conversations.

s p a c e  acknowledges in order to future-proof Australia we must better understand our past. We pay our respects to the Arakwal Bumberbin people as the First Peoples of the Byron Shire. To know more, get in touch with founding  s p a c e  cadet, Delta Kay, a proud Arakwal custodian. Connect here.