s p a c e  is where ideas meet influence. We are building a collective of unlike-minds with a passion for making the world a better place through action. We gather diverse sets of people to challenge points-of-view and unlock new insights on old perspectives. We don’t come together to agree on everything. We don’t meet to learn or network. We connect to get shit done. To move Australia forward at an exponential rate of change, powered by the most inspiring minds in the country.

There are no spectators and no speakers at s p a c e, making the fully immersive experience completely participatory. Cadets bring an open mind and a willingness to share what’s on it, ensuring their brain and ideas be active for the full three days. Disconnecting in one of the most inspiring places on earth, immersing in conversations with strangers, agitators and restless activators, and exploring existing ideas in different contexts, s p a c e is an event designed for the conceptual age.

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Let's build a better Australia

Why are we doing this? Because 2020 has torn the world as we knew it apart. But, we must start flourishing in the shades of grey this year is throwing us. While our hearts go out to those who have been directly affected by the health and economic effects of 2020, we must start finding the silver linings. We cannot let the opportunities presented by a global reset go to waste. The ‘old normal’ was far from perfect. We now have a chance to build back better. We must find a better way of living. We must build back a more sustainable, more interesting, more inclusive, kinder world. Recognising the opportunities and finding the joy in uncertainty is a start.


Be right back. See you on the other side of this pandemic. Once we have a little more stability and certainty, we’ll announce dates for a festival that will be more relevant than ever. See you then!